Traditional Peruvian Cooking method.

Pachamanka Experience Highlights:
Delicious traditionally cooked food, building the Pachmanka oven, bicycle or ATV ride

This is a  6  hour experience approx.

Pachamanka Experience description and Itinerary
The Preparation of Pachamanca. First we pick you up from your hotel in the sacred valley and go to the local market to buy the ingredients. Then we will go to the field where we will light the fire to start to heat the stones that we  use to prepare the pachamanka. The time to heat the stones is 2hr approx, and the cooking time is 1hr.30min .

How exactly is the food cooked underground with hot stones?
Preparation begins digging a hole and then heating of stones over a fire (only volcanic stones can withstand the intense heat without breaking).  When the stones are hot enough,  they are placed inside the hole, lining it and creating an oven.

The toughest ingredients such as potatoes are places at the bottom, meat is placed on top, and then more vegetables are added, layers of hot stones between them.  The fire is then covered with either grass and dirt, or a layer of banana leaves, and the oven remains closed for several hours.

When the food has finished cooking, this underground oven is opened up and the food is ready to eat!  The meat and vegetables will have a rich, smoky flavor, and everything has the finish of being both steamed and grilled.  Meat comes out tender, and the cooking of all the ingredients together leads to a powerful combination of flavors . This delicious dish will now be shared with a large group of people!

We will cook yucca, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beef, chicken and pork.

Activities while the food is cooking
While the food is cooking, we can have a ride in bicycles or ATVs around Urubamba, Pumahyanca and chicon for 1hr.30min to 2hrs and return in time to be able to dig up the Pachamanca and enjoy the food.

Other options/additions:
Bicycle hire and trip 30USD per person
ATV Hire and trip  45USD per person

Included in this Tour:
Professional Pachamanka Guide and all Transportation
Delicious traditionally cooked food

Prices for this Pachamanka Experience:
40USD per person